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A sourcing partner to some of the largest retailers in four countries since 1997, J & J Sourcing is a well-known leader in the field. They are a home-brand with a global presence aiming to be the trusted partners for companies specialising in the home improvement segment. For a business with decades under its belt, a regular uplift to its online presence is necessary to fit in with changing times. We helped them achieve this by redesigning their website.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Development
  • Iconography

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J & J Sourcing

The use of lifestyle imagery was a given which set the tone for the rest of the design. The purpose of the website was to offer information about the company and what they do. So, we decided on making the homepage a snippet of all aspects of the company with CTA buttons redirecting to the respective pages—removing the dependency on the header as the sole source of information discovery for the user. Since the company concentrates on operating with a handful of niche clientele, we chose to show pictures of the team and clients depicting the close-knit nature of the brand. The colour palette is an extension of the logo colours to maintain a clean look. The entire design leverages white space as a visual relief from the images on each page for an uncluttered user experience. We also created custom-made icons to add to the overall dynamic of the design. A challenge was to solve for their product categories page containing product images. We had to find a way to showcase products with large-sized images without overwhelming users with multiple scrolls. We, therefore, decided on creating a bird’s-eye view of the services at all times by resorting to a horizontal-scroll, album-based gallery. We aimed to make the overall user experience refined and uncomplicated.