Helping keep
seizures in check

We were tasked on a sheer revamp to this mobile app. We designed the app which was easy to use. Seizures are sudden and pose the risk of getting out of control. Monitoring seizure patients for more customised treatment would require constant monitoring and a great deal of data to analyse. Bioalert is an innovative solution that monitors patients’ vitals, including their location through a wearable. We designed the dashboard linked to each wearable for the doctor and patient to monitor.



  • Research
  • UX/UI design


Making data consumable was the primary task with this project. Though we’d done projects related to the medical field before, none were this detailed with sensitive information. We diligently researched to understand the timeliness of data to be displayed and the precedence of information. Our users were the doctors as well patients—giving us two very different mind-sets to target. Report generation was the other task we had to solve for in such a way that doctors could derive from it and patients could be informed by it. Report download, audio file playback, and patient location display were all features our design had to facilitate. User testing drove us to rework our prototype multiple times before we could reach a conclusion. We’re particularly proud of this project that proves a significant contribution to seizure patient treatment.

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