UX/UI Design for Mobile App and Branding.

It is an enterprise mobile application mainly created for the pregnant ladies. It is a baby development calendar app for expecting moms which guides them through their pregnancy.

Inclining to hospitals we created the UX and UI for this app. Hospitals obligate precision from their users and we designed a colour palette to highlight data that users need to be aware of. Applying bright colours to draw the eye ensures that important information is recognized instantly.

  • ClientVasavi
  • Industrypregnancy App
  • ServicesUX/UI Design, Art Direction, Mobile App
  • Website
We create premium designs and technology.

Thoughts behind crafting a beautiful vista

The thought was to give Pregnant ladies the savvy data in a wonderful bundle. We got opinions from pregnant ladies as user testing. We outlined the design to be intense, accurate and simple to comprehend and use. The application contains condensed data that is fundamental and is presented flawlessly. Considering the regular talks with their specialist doctors to be an important role, we wanted to give personas a personal feel towards the app and we virtually designed it around them. Reflectively, we could sketch this cute little guy and nail the illustrations to make the app memorable.

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