Artificial Intelligence
and Trusted Banking

In a world where security, compliance, and scalability are always a concern, Signzy’s idea of transforming all bank-related processes from manual to digital, using AI specifically, thus, building a trust system between banks and their customers was the major takeaway. Signzy redefined digital compliance and security and created a niche for their product.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Content
  • UX Writing
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Animation
  • Photography


Onboarding new customers to open an account and the process thereafter has often been offline and manual. Which also means the possibility of human complicity in most cases. To cater to this issue and omit any form of fraud, Signzy decided to introduce the power of AI to create a hassle-free, transparent environment and process to banks. This digital transformation uses AI to provide human-like intelligence to documents/data, but which cannot be compromised. The product includes features like image extraction, classification, object detection, validation, forgery check, and video-based identity verification which makes it a complete end-to-end process while onboarding customers. Now, Pebels came into play when they required a mobile application to be developed with the above-mentioned features. With our expertise, we had to create a user-friendly UX/UI design that would transition from one process (that includes the above features) to another smoothly and efficiently. The process also included a voice assistant that would auto-fill data said verbally, which added more value to the digital transformation. Starting from capturing your face for recognition in the mobile application camera, to receiving a verification code, to recording the face post the code verification, and finally coming down to a video call as the last step, it was very detailed and challenging. Although, this project was indeed an eye-opener for us and it just gave more knowledge to how differently we can interpret AI as a powerful technology. This was one of those projects that we were absolutely thrilled to work on indeed.