The One-Stop-Shop
for Farmer’s

Farmer’s are our primary source of income in terms of food. What they sow and reap is our survival kit. It takes an equal amount of responsibility to ensure their process is made as simple, smooth, convenient, and, most importantly, fair as possible through technology.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Illustration
  • Iconography

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Outgrow wanted to achieve this by building an application that focused on ease of use and end-to-end communication, as per the farmers’ convenience.The idea was to keep farmers informed about their business and their crop prices everyday. Every piece of information available on this application and every little detail, including images and icons, had to be straightforward and understandable to the target audience. The design aspect played a major role, and their team approached us to incorporate our expertise into their application to make it look aesthetically pleasing, thus connecting with the target audience. To achieve this goal, we had to conduct in-depth research on ground level to understand the market, farmers’ pain points, their likes and dislikes, their knowledge of technology and gadgets, and their expectation on a robust application such as this. This educational project took us through minute areas of this industry that we had minimal knowledge about, while, at the same time opening a new realm of design experimenting. So we first created a wireframe to ensure we were on the right track with their idea and vision and then moved on to the UX/UI design aspect of the application. This included using the appropriate colors, fonts, layout, images, and placements. We designed each product image from scratch and other icons required, across the application. We ensured it was understandable for a farmer just by looking at images and icons, making it user-friendly. We also took feedback from farmers about the prototypes designed to know their perspective and any concerns or modifications if any. A lot of thought was put into this project as we had to think like a designer and a general audience which was a challenge but in a good way! The end result was a beautifully designed application that was closely designed from the audience insights and ideas which made it this whole process adaptable enough for them.