driven Cab service

In a market saturated with options for commuting from ride-sharing to cab renting for both intercity and intracity travelling, Instacar, by looking to cater to the experience of the user, found a niche for itself--as an ideal experience provider. They intend to strategically address the disadvantages of taking a cab and adopt a vision that transcends banking upon competitive pricing alone. To establish themselves as a lifestyle brand and superior service providers, they had us redesign their website.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Iconography


Ease of use was early on defined as the underlying intent of the entire redesign. We had to establish the brand image, explain the brand’s services and enable users to book a service in a clean and simple manner. To their existing black and white brand colours, we added a bit of gold to make the design look more polished along with lifestyle images to appeal to the brand’s premium user base. The user personas were quickly identified as professionals who prefer comfort over competitive pricing with a particular focus on frequent flyers. The user journeys were dependent on the user’s understanding of the brand. We, therefore, concentrated on presenting the company’s services comprehensively with accompanying imagery and radio buttons so that the choices and the prices were all presented upfront without redirection. The form was also designed to be prominent and basic for an unobtrusive experience. By simplifying information discovery and eliminating ambiguity while booking a cab we increased chances of user conversion. We were to create a dedicated section for their airport shuttle service, which we wished to represent without overshadowing the rest of the elements of the page. Towards the end, we wrapped the experience with a gentle nudge urging the user to download their mobile application along with testimonials to convince a user further.