The Power of Data
Archiving and Security

Infobelt is a data archiving and governance platform that helps companies minimize risk, reduce costs and help companies keep pace with the complexity and volume of the ever-changing compliance regulations.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Front-end and Back-end development
  • Content
  • Illustration
  • Iconography

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The brief was to improve the overall UX and UI of their current website and create a positive user journey that aligns with their existing marketing strategy. Theirs being a vital service, the journey had to be as clear as day, given the potential clients that would be interested in their service. Which in turn meant that we had to carefully articulate an organized site architecture, and ensure that the overall revamp brought positive results and leads from CTA’s and site conversions. In order to build this part, we conducted interviews with users and stakeholders to understand the challenges they were facing with the current website which involved usability testing covering key navigation elements, page flow and functionality., and the shortfalls because of which they decided to change their website interface game in terms of business. Based on this, we devised a clear plan and design to remediate the areas of concern in terms of business and the design aspect. One of the biggest challenges with the website was the product details pages. Infobelt has 3 proprietary products which could not be shown to the end users.We solved this by creating a unique visual style that would highlight important information for users to understand about the product. After brainstorming we finalized on using circular shape for the logo to resonate brand voice, using bigger images and more white space, to create a more visual storytelling and using of blue and green accents from the brand color to make it look modern and approachable at the same time. The new website is clean, simple, and precisely communicates what Infobelt does. This made a great difference in the look and feel of the interface and was meant to add more business value as well which it did and there has been a significant increase in demo requests and engagement with navigational elements.