A grocery-shopping

An iOS application and website to make grocery and amenities shopping more efficient. A single application to create and share lists of foods and recipes you like or just the grocery list of things you need; a way to collaborate with friends in making them; and importantly, the means to locate your grocery items in stores nearby including accessing offers, if any. A novel idea for which we had the pleasure of creating a digital identity.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Logo Design
  • Mobile Interface Development

Go Plenish

We had the most fun designing this project, given its varied features. Since the user interactions are different, owing to the multi-utility nature of the application, we concentrated on perfecting the information flow so that users remain informed throughout. A major challenge was to maintain seamlessness in the user journey as they moved from socialising with their groups to making to-buy lists to scanning for offers at local stores. We had to be strategic with the micro-interactions ensuring that the user experience is not too distinct because the underlying objective was functional utility.