Appliance care from
one mobile app

Conxuma is an application developed knowing that it doesn’t end with just owning
appliances—periodical maintenance and care of appliances is imperative. Conxuma solves for appliance care across brands—a one-stop post-purchase services app all the household’s appliances can be linked to and monitored. A web application to begin with, for increased convenience created a mobile app, the interface for which, we designed.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Iconography
  • Illustration


Projects like this that solve to optimise daily living are the ones we enjoy the most. The potential for real-life application such projects offer is the reason we inevitably gravitate towards them. Since the range of products and the services for each was varied, we had to concentrate a great deal on the Information Architecture before creating wireframes. Our user research made it clear that simplified navigation for quick access to information was the desired trait. We, therefore, needed to ensure the categories were dynamic to accommodate various types of electronics, enabling users to navigate swiftly. To break the monotony of the information-rich application, illustrations and icons were created from scratch so that the user remained engaged. To maintain an element of ease and emote a sense of security (that warranty, service, and customer support information was just a click away) was the intent, which led to intense last

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