Mommy tracker for
the baby on the way

Vasavi Hospitals, to ease the pregnancies of their OB/GYN patients, had us design for them an app that would allow patients to track their pregnancy. So we built a personalised mobile tracker that displayed medical reports and results, offered alerts for appointments, and displayed professional at-home tips and information for a healthy pregnancy.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Development


An interesting project that led us to conduct a great deal of research and have many in-depth conversations with expecting mothers. We had to learn about gestation and the medical formalities involved. Mainly understanding the psyche of new mothers because we identified the primary objective of the mobile application was to be a companion to mothers-to-be. Therefore, user-testing had us reworking the application's features, repeatedly until our skewed usability metrics were met. We also had to make the interface flexible enough for the, generally busy, doctors so that they could upload information, reports and additional instructions. Accuracy was imperative, and that left us no room for assumptions. Simplifying such complex interactions for two different sets of people was the main challenge which we were glad we’d achieved.