Simplifying commercial
real estate selling

The unorganised market of buying and selling commercial real estate has made secure transactions and getting trustworthy leads, difficult tasks, let alone making a sale. As a solution, Ten-X, using data-driven technology, provides a platform for sellers to feature their asset and have it marketed to potential buyers. This end-to-end transaction platform needed a mobile application, the interface for which we created.



  • UX/UI design
  • UI/UX App Design
  • Illustration

Quick View

Ten - X

Ten-X users needed to have access to property listings, a means to upload their asset, a dashboard that shows real-time data, potential buyer information, a bidding platform, to name a few. The novelty of this project alone had us brimming with design ideas. The users were brokers, sellers, and buyers of properties—a vast range of personas ranging from amateur to professional in the real estate industry. Competitor and user research taught us that maintaining the integrity of the information displayed was critical. To keep the users’ journey engaging and informative without being an overload of data, we used a good blend of content, visual elements, and iconography to break data-monotony. The live bid feature was a bit of a challenge that required extensive research about the interests of users who take part in bids. The dashboard was a triumph as we’d created a strategically crafted information flow that offered enough information in incremental order. This was one of our longest projects that proved to be one of our most educational ones as well.

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