Digital Menu for the
staff and customer

Deciding on your order can be daunting, especially with a server waiting for you. As a solution, we were to design an Enterprise app which provided customers that much-needed autonomy when dining out, as well as benefited servers with timely updates. This was a fun, food-laced project requiring the understanding of the hungry customer.



  • UX/UI design
  • Research
  • Development

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We love the challenges enterprise apps present, and it isn't a surprise that they are our favourite type of projects. The digital menu here is meant to serve both the customer, enabling them to order, as well as the servers, enabling them to view the status of the meal prep and serve accordingly. Time was of the essence, so the design was created with minimal novelty interactions and drove focus instead to the display of menu information to customers. The waiter mode, for the servers’ use, was required to contain time-sensitive interactions to accommodate the fast-paced schedule of servers. Our on-ground research allowed us to learn the lifecycle of an order from both the customer’s and the server’s standpoint, allowing us to realise the various nodes for alerts, to base our information flow on. Twice the utility from one application was a challenge that had our team working hard to solve. Safe to say that this project proved a critical anthropological lesson for us about the awareness needed when facilitating ease to hangry people.