30 years’ expertise
captured on paper

Piyestra, renowned furniture makers, are the pioneers of affordable furniture. Established 30 years ago, their eye for quality and customer experience has set them apart in the competitive furniture industry. As part of their promotional activities, they looked to create marketing collaterals. Since such collaterals play a significant role in boosting sales in the furniture segment, we created a brochure profiling the company and its expertise.



  • Brochure Design

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Marketing material such as brochures forms the first interface for face to face sale. Therefore, we needed to understand the company’s identity—who they were, and how they wanted to be perceived, to ensure that the brochure is in-tune with the brand's persona. We created a minimalist, two-coloured layout with ample whitespace so that the furniture images were in focus. As visualised, we created the brochure to be an informative look at Piyestra's three-decade-long journey