Difference between UX and UI Design

Each colour, every person and individual experiences are different, unique and expressed in their own emotions. So are UX and UI designs. But given the human nature to mix up stuff and confuse concepts, these two professions also met with the same fate and often jumbled up in the same bracket although being around for decades.
So, what are these hi-fi acronyms beyond the usual pictures you get to see in everything digital. Let me try and simplify for you readers as I myself attempt to dive deep into their colourful landscape – UX design is User Experience design and UI design is User Interface design.
Are they siblings or BFFs? Rumours has it that UX and UI are soulmates to a product. They need to be working hand-in-hand, of course along the course they also encounter certain love tiffs. Again, UX/UI have their own individuality despite the inseparable bond between them.

Want to know UX now – Soul of the saga

First impressions are the ones that stay for long, so does "User experience, an individual’s interactions with a product, an application, or an operating system. So, if you want to keep a grip on that you better be excellent in developing UX that means defining the way a product operates and how it makes a user’s needs more accessible or faster. A UX design should be lucid, easy, free flow and user-friendly.
We at Pebels take good care of UX designs, carefully think through and elaborately scheme iteratively. If you come across our designs, you might notice it while using a website but the experience of navigating the site will leave you spellbound, spoilt for
Our UX designer are all-rounders, they don many hats – play the roles of a marketer, designer and project manager too: complex, challenging and multi-tasking yet deliver effortless piece of works. On one hand they juggle with Strategy and Content, balance
Wire-framing and Prototyping and other side seamlessly analyze and execute. Let’s get to know UI design – The thumping heart in this vibrant story
If you talk about something you cannot imagine then how can you use it? Well, fret not UI will do that for you – impart the look and feel, presenting the product and making it moreinteractive.
Not easy as it sounds if you assume, each UI designer at Pebels is a skilled multi-tasker, convert every client idea into a unique masterpiece, embracing the challenge with

panache. At Pebels UI entails transference of a product’s development, research, content and layout into a great looking, interactive and responsive experience for their End users.
Our UI designers take their responsibilities of creating the Look and Feel, building Interactivity and Responsiveness very seriously, however showcasing it as if its been a cakewalk for them.

A final word in the happy ending

UX and UI are like hand-in-glove, Bonnie and Clyde, best crime partners while executing a perfect crime – while conceptualization to realization done in a swift from the product design process to the design discipline.
If UX has analysis and technicalities, UI is pure graphical designing while both the responsibilities are typically complex and multi-faceted that Pebels is a mastermind of, a seasoned perpetrator of such crimes. We leave no trail behind other than delivering grand
creations, straight from the heart while head are always held on the shoulder, craving passion thirst for more to sculpt even better designs.
Time is which Pebels has been convicted and sentenced for their outstanding designs and yet leaving an enigma behind of how we are so natural in this job. Our team, their meticulous thought process and execution are the accomplice that take the onus of such
Visit our sprawling digital landscape of design, graphics, illustrations and doodles. But do keep it a hush-hush affair of our UX/UI crime scenes, our key to extravaganza.



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