Google’s latest icons revamp a boon or a bane


With technological advancements, there has been a steep progressive trend in enhanced UI/UX interfaces as well. It’s interesting how our perception of applications and sites we use daily can determine the success or failure of a company or a website. As humans, we succumb to expectations and that is quite extensively applicable to social media, OTT platforms, online shopping websites and other daily-use applications. On that account, we’re here to talk about the latest Google icon revamp.

I happened to have an interesting and insightful discussion with a bunch of colleagues here at Pebels to understand their thoughts on the changes as graphic designers. Now, I must say, I did agree with multiple points they pointed out. To begin with, Google being Google has an essence, but the current changes seemed to not serve justice to the expected essence.

Moving on to the colors used. As much as I’d like to enjoy the fact that the icons look colorful, aesthetically, it doesn’t seem pleasing. It feels more like a clash of colors. The icons seem underwhelming and as regular users, we are unable to distinguish between the icons given that all of them have the same colors and are square in shape.

It sort of does make us wonder why the ever ingenious Google would opt to make a so-called creative mistake as such whilst they could have truly gone out of the way and come up with something incredibly admirable. Although this would not act as a hindrance from using the Google product/service umbrellas, it will most definitely be inconvenient because THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!! I must admit there was no “reimagination” or a “revamp” as such and it’s disappointing.

Many users from all over the world took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their displeasure over the change and why it feels more like just a box of colors rather than an impeccable change that upholds the Google design standards.

On the other hand, while half the world has been raving about the inconsistency, there are another bunch who seem to take a rather positive stand on the change. Although the colors and shapes have been modified, Google’s Workspace design as it is called, wants users to look outside the box. Only because they seem to have addressed an important topic pivotal to our daily lives which is the pandemic. 

The pandemic clearly seems to have changed our work environments and there could be a bare minimum requirement or opportunity to meet physically. On that note, Google has also tried to adapt to the situation and help us through this with its Workspace design that helps you find everything you need under one single umbrella. 

The current times have been a juggle between work and personal life but Google has most definitely given us a platter of colorful veggies that serve the purpose of daily work life instead of having to turn to multiple platforms and tabs. Ideally, it creates a sense of flexibility, efficiency, and effective means of communication combined with collaboration. 

Let’s take it this way, maybe this is their way of informing us that they are slowly tailoring their products to our needs and most importantly, our convenience. Why not make, “one click away”, all the more convenient isn’t it? But, did they have to really change the look of the icons? Now, I am still unsure of how this would either affect or pose as an inconvenience or be considered as a positive change along with catering to our needs in a more simplified manner, during the current pandemic. 

But, I mean, if we are talking about dropping surprises bombs the whole of 2020, Google sure did come under the spotlight with this one!!