It’s almost Christmas and as usual, we decided to do something a little different from the regular celebrations.

It’s impossible to not experience the joy of gifting and the joy of playing hide and seek with Secret Santa and we definitely did not want to miss out on that. So we decided to create a home edit version and send love to our fellow colleagues from our respective natives and spread the joy of Christmas. 

The activity, however, went like this. Everyone had to list down at least 3 options that they like or they would like to gift a friend in the spirit of Christmas and of that, they choose any one gift to courier it over to their child’s address. Of course, we wanted our colleagues and friends to be active and get out of the comfort of their homes just for this activity. 

The activity was in a way, a means to understand the likes and interests of our colleagues and to be able to create a bond through it. Everyone thought through their gifts and didn’t just randomly choose them out, which was another important thing. The idea was to gift from the heart and it worked like magic!!

On that note, we also wanted to create an ideal guide to the best Christmas gifts with our team. Which is why we asked our team to list out 3 gifts each that were unique and handpicked by them. The activity sure was a hit and everyone was involved not because they had to be but because they understood the importance behind “the season of gifting!”

So, here’s our guide to the best Christmas gifts 2020!! ‘Tis the season to be jolly!!!!’

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas from our fam to yours!!

God bless and may every year build stronger bonds and capture memories worth cherishing!!!

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