4 Morphisms in User Interface

Morphisms are all about creative perspectives and innovative design that inspire. This isn’t the definition, of course, but this is how we as designers’ look at and connect to this aspect of design. It’s absolutely fascinating how a minute trend can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a whole design.

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Lilo Wearables Brand Story

Creating a brand logo is no child’s play, but it sure is a mix of equal measures of challenge and fun. If you are a graphic designer or someone who has worked on branding ever in your life, then you know what we mean. This is the story of the behind-the-scenes of creating a brand logo from scratch, and our protagonist here is Lilo.

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A trip down memory lane

When you have a design studio, having a skilled artist on the team pays off big time. So it did for us when we decided to make a miniature prototype of a bus stop to show it to the Ninjacart team.

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